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Excelente ambiente y atención ✨️👌🏼flexible en su horario. Buscando siempre la mejor pose del bebé.

Aug 23, 2023
Yubdia Rubio

Such an amazing place to go! The owner answers fast and is so personable. I can’t recommend FetalFotos enough!

Aug 22, 2023
Madasynn Straw

Highly recommend! She was so kind and patient while my LO kept hiding, was even able to go back after hours for another try. She explained everything that ...Read more

Aug 22, 2023

She did an amazing job, she is so friendly. When our son wouldn't get his arm out of his face she would figure ways to still get us amazing pictures.

May 26, 2023
Jennie Sanchez

Claudia has exceptional customer service skills. She was accommodating with getting me in quickly and later in the evening. The process was quick and ...Read more

Apr 1, 2023
kasandra urbina

I went in for an ultrasound, they worked around my schedule. Pricing was affordable and they really took the time to get many images for us. I also went ...Read more

Feb 27, 2023
Liliana Sanchez Castanon

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