Prenatal/Postnatal Massages

Taking care of your little one means taking care of yourself, first! Whether you are pregnant or postpartum our massages will offer help with relief from muscle tension, pains and aches. Reduce swelling in hands and feet. Reduces cramps and sciatic pain, anxiety and/ or depression. Improves flexibility by releasing your tight muscles, improves circulation, migraines and poor digestion. With our maternity massage pillow you can lay upside down and enjoy your massage even more. Our therapist is trained and certified in prenatal massages and have received special training to give massages that are safe for all stages of your pregnancy and after. Prenatal massages may also offer emotional benefits as well as physical ones that will have an impact on baby's well being. Some studies indicate that receiving prenatal massages has been linked with an increase in maternal attachment to her unborn child. Massage therapy is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity while pregnant. 

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